A story about a kid from Nyamirambo (Rwanda)

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I still vividly remember the first time I witnessed an act of kindness, an act so surreal that inspired me to appreciate this gift of life. The morning routine started just like any other by breaking fast with my parents and proceeding on to complete my chores before heading out to catch up with the homies in the neighborhood.

Back in those childhood years, we spent most of our days exploring the neighborhood, playing soccer, or competing for the rarest marbles; this was quite the popular game in our childhood before the dawn of technology, hours would fly by before we would recognize that the dusk was upon us. …

Your spark will come to you when you least expect it.

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Creating an intentional life requires much-vested effort. Simply put, one must partake in a profound soul-search to find whatever sparks his pearl. Oftentimes, we become consumed with that task at hand, yet we forget to enjoy the simple things in our lives.

I have found that those overlooked-subtle moments tend to gratify our souls. Perhaps, even add meaning to our lives. Moments of unconditional stillness; a transcendent pearl of the rarest kind. That is why it’s a gift.

“Lost souls are obsessed by something that disconnects them from life”Moonwind, Soul

I have found that our internalized thoughts determine our quality of life. Put differently, whatever thoughts we focus on eventually become our reality. In retrospect, if we continue to think that something is missing, life will essentially continue to deliver that void. …

Correlations between the practice of mindfulness and traveling

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I found myself attuned to the vicarious thrill of the vibrant wilderness, and it was at that moment, time stood still while I was reflecting on my journey to the summit.

Being lost in the scenic views peaked my experience to transcendental heights. I had lost track of time; I did not care about how grueling the hike was nor if I was going to make it back to the trailhead before sundown. I simply wanted to be present.

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in the speed of life and the race for an accumulation of wealth to the point we fail to enjoy all those benefits once we get there. This personal struggle truly begins and ends in the mind, like the great Solomon consistently reminded us, “ain’t nothing new under the sun”. …

What I learned from growing pains

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Halfway through our hiking excursion, on a quiet-chilled afternoon,

he pleasantly emitted: “why is it that you seem so Zen-like?”

A communal reoccurrence of my many cherished conversations with strangers on my hiking escapades. I quickly shrugged my shoulders without truly paying attention to the weight of those words.

“It’s just a part of me: I suppose”. I instantly replied.

The elements of nature had never been so effervescent.

It was then this thought dawned on me: nothing actually kills me, but rather the illusory perception of my inherent fears amplifies this state of unease. …

Three simple practices to consider when changing your financial paradigm

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Genuine change is only realized through the small habits one incorporates into his life.

If there’s anything that I derived from 2020, a truth that I plan on carrying the rest of my life is this: to better my life; I must level up in all aspects of my life. In 2019, life was quite turbulent for me. I could not catch a break.

2020 ensued, I was optimistic about the future. Three months in, the pandemic hit, and I had to pause all my projects. …

Start preparing for your future in the now.

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A sense of uncertainty is increasingly festering in the air, and many of us have never felt more uneasy about the future.

Nonetheless, I find it imminent to digress from this negative loop. Now is the time to build new streams of thought, perhaps even a versatile arsenal that can better suit you for this marathon of 2021.

The first week has barely passed by, and it has become apparent that something has to give. To experience a fulfilling year, you must create it intentionally.

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” — Cam Newton

Whether or not you realize it, you could be one thought or run away from drastically changing your life. But you’ll need to stay committed to see it through. It ultimately boils down to what your heart wants. …

There will never be a right time. Just do it.

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I am genuinely convinced that every human wants to be successful. However, the currents of society have successfully indoctrinated us to settle for less. This is because on the side of growth lies a rugged path. A path that coerces one to step out of his comfort zone and to grow beyond the unimaginable.

When someone wants a true change in his life, it means he must accept the good and the bad. That means embracing milestones as well as criticism, ridicule, or mockery. Each plays a purpose in the character’s refinement.

Self-improvement has undoubtedly become hip. There is no doubt about it. However, its harsh challenges are seldom talked about, the lack thereof contributes to people quickly losing hope. …


Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe

Faith & Life Ambassador, Quadrilingual, Visionary, Writer, Adventurer

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