Bask in the Flow — That Which Guides the Soul

The kingdom of heaven lies within you. A poem


Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

At the peak of my lucid dreams
Minds’ eye ascended me
To Providence’s illuminating beams.
Floating in clouds of serenity,

I felt consumed by the celestial awes
An otherworldly sight to behold
My soul revived as it roamed through showers
Of unconditional love

My heart increasingly nudged me
To ascend heavenward — deep
In the inner realm of my being
Where lied eternal rewards

For the souls consumed
By the resolve to seek the wellspring
Of vivid dreams, become attuned
To the flowing river of life

I had awoken from my slumber illusion.

Thank you all for reading, and thanks to Ivette Cruz for the majestic Poetry’s Home that inspires us to soar in the bountiful vastness of artistic self-expression.



Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe

Faith & Life Ambassador, Quadrilingual, Visionary, Writer, Adventurer