The Extraordinary Tale of Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori

A Prince Among Slaves
A Prince Among Slaves
A Prince Among Slaves. Credits: (

Man thrives by the principles he holds dear in his heart. It is those principles that equip a man with an unwavering attitude to aspire to be his truest self.

I know it has been quite a while since I have featured another piece of What I wish I would have learned in school; these series of blogs attempt to depict various odysseys of historical figures who managed to rise above the predicaments of an oppressive system. It was Frederick Douglass who once said, “it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. I feel now is the time to reclaim our narratives, because in school, we are seldom taught about the great empires of Mansa Musa, the Moors, or the Kilwa kingdom; the traditional curriculum seems to revolve around the Middle Passage when in fact there was livity and prosperity among the Black culture long before our plight. A close brother of mine shared with me this story, and after reading about it: I felt a strong conviction to share his story and what I admired most about his journey. This is the triumphing tale of “an African royal slave who was forcefully sent across the Atlantic in shackles” and managed to make the most of every presented opportunity to return home. His story is an insight to the cruelties of slavery, but also to how many individuals succeeded in handling such calamitous predicaments.

This is the story of prince Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, an African royal slave who was forcefully taken from his kingdom and managed to outwit his master to endow the means to return home:

Sori’s story is insightful and liberating in so many ways, it is the story of a man with a steadfast belief system that paved a way to reclaim his freedom. If his story is not a testament to what attitude and character can do for man, I am clueless as to what can. Sori’s story is a message of hope, triumph amidst hardship. It is this type of character, empathy, and morality we should all aspire to embody. In fact, it is present in all humanity, but culture has a way to dim that presence for unknown reasons. My sincere hope through these stories is to show that there is life beyond whatever circumstances one may be in, whether it be career-related or personal. Black kids, in particular, should not only aspire to be entertainers or athletes. The media has successfully painted a deceiving lie, that success can only be attained through those channels. I beg to differ; man holds within himself an abundance of potential and gifts waiting to be manifested. One just has to find a set of principles (non-negotiables) that he strongly believes in, to pave the way for personal success. Dare to dream, keep showing love, and never fold your integrity, things will eventually turn out for the better.

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