Out of the wellspring of ethereal thoughts,

I stumbled upon these convictions

which I hold to be self-evident

inspired by the celestial flow at work,

I move forward, locked-in

Shedding off what don’t refresh my soul

Now is the time to,

Plan for tomorrow and live for the moment

Time is of the essence,

And purpose is the surest road to success.

For our future is our Creator’s past,

And I must stress, He is truly committed.

Faith is the channel to get you through life’s storms

For when in weakness, we are fortified by His grace.

Hope is all the currency you need,

To attract all the provisions to sustain your race

For the prize is not to the swift, but those who endure

Hardship is temporary,

a passing mist to the glory that awaits you

An eternal paradise of serenity

Courtesy of the Author

Life on The Narrow Path…

Faith & Life Ambassador, Quadrilingual, Visionary, Writer, Adventurer

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