Reflective poem of an introvert

Words have a powerful way,

Of stimulating the mind

The unwavering ability to sway

an indescribable feeling

That elicits the artistic expression of the self,

The unanticipated transference

Of realities between dimensions

And if you happen to, place them over a break loop

They invoke a strong reaction out of the listener,

That gives birth to sturdy convictions

Which perpetuate the celestial alchemy

The seamless flow of vibrations

The ever-present and encompassing levity,

That inspires others to find the magic

To embrace their peculiarity

And to awaken at the uncanny mystical

Nature of the universe,

The imminent sporadic revival

Of a shunned picturesque soul

Misconstrued by insolent mockery

Written by

Faith & Life Ambassador, Quadrilingual, Visionary, Writer, Adventurer

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