Your Energy Is the Most Valuable Currency

Levitating flows. A poem

Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe
2 min readSep 7, 2022


Photo by Kevin Ishimwe on Unsplash

Quiet influence
Quite amicably,
Life’s congruence
Reverberates in me

The spirit of stillness
Leaves me speechless
Each time I attune
And watch my gifts prune

To what they were
Intended to do
Sometimes, I drown in my ways
Yet your force sees me through

Answered prayers fluently
Emerge in my mist
As I go about my days merrily
Immersed in the soothing breeze

Of this gift: we call life.

Your gentle touch reminds me,
To never lose sight
Of the wonders brewing in me
And suddenly
I regain my might
To manifest
What the voice of reason
Shines in my forest
Of dormant oaks,

As I conjoin with
The changing seasons
To become prosperous
In my thoughts

What use of it — is knowledge if you don’t learn to apply it

Live happily, love gently, and inspire authentically.

Your energy is the most valuable currency; learn to manage how you choose to expend it. Some things are better left unaddressed or explained.

Sometimes, it’s also okay to be confused as you experience this magnificent enigma because the tides will soon turn in your favor, and you will regain all your glamor.

Fortified armor — will your temple be
Like a tree that digs its roots deep
To connect to its source.

Light, will your walk be
When you embrace the spirit
That you came on this earth with
Gracefully will you glow
When you follow suit
To what the heart yearns.

Thank you all for reading, and I sincerely hope all is well.



Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe

Faith & Life Ambassador, Quadrilingual, Visionary, Writer, Adventurer